Gojek Clone app is a multi-service platform where customers can book any service they want. Be it booking a luxurious taxi ride, hiring a plumber, or sending parcels from one location to another, this app is well-optimized to handle several bookings at the same time.

In simpler words, it is the one-stop shop that helps your customers to stay at home and get anything they want without having to go anywhere. Let's elaborate more about this Gojek Clone App.

Gojek-like App is a One-stop-shop for Your Customers

This app is called a one-stop shop because it offers 82+ services on a single platform. In addition to offering taxi booking services, ordering groceries, getting on-demand medical services, and many more, this incredibly robust app offers seamless features.

Let’s take a look at different services recently integrated into this app.

On-demand Medical Services

With a single click on the app, your customers can now get to book multiple medical services right from the Gojek Clone. Here’s a list of all the medical services available and a brief description of what they do.  

  • Book an ambulance: book an ambulance that’s near the desired location and track its location in real time.
  • On-demand medicine delivery: upload the prescription signed by the doctor on the app and get medicines delivered online from nearby pharmacies.  
  • Book an appointment with the doctor: book or schedule an appointment with a doctor without the hassles of manual calling or waiting in a long queue.  
  • Online video consultation with doctor: consult with doctors from numerous specialties online through a video call by simply choosing a desired time from the time slot.
  • Book an appointment with a pet’s vet: customers can now book an appointment with their pet’s vet by simply tapping on the‘ Book Now’ button on the app.

Online Video Consultation

The Gojek Clone app now allows customers to book an online video consultation with different professionals like lawyers, doctors, academic tutors, yoga instructors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers.

By clicking on the service provider’s profile, the customers can see their bio, rating & review, and even check their portfolio. Moreover, before connecting on the video call, the user and provider can communicate via in-app chatting or in-app voice calling. This will help them to confirm if both parties are ready to start the video call or not.

Furthermore, after the provider ends the job, an invoice summary is generated and money gets deducted from the customer's linked credit card.  

Service Bidding

Customers will always like to get the job done at the least possible cost. On the other hand, every service provider would want to get maximum value for their service. Now, this is directly associated with ‘negotiation’. On the multi-service app, only handyman services can be negotiated!

In other words, customers can bid for service with local plumbers, electricians, house painters, etc.

It is easy to negotiate when the customer and provider are sitting face-to-face. However, with the Gojek Clone app, both parties can start negotiating online in real time. Once they agree on a win-win price, service is booked!

And just like any standard service delivery, the provider visits the location, does the job, and collects the money.

Modern Features of Gojek-like App

Do you know why customers love to use this multi-service app? YES, the availability of multiple services is one thing but pre-integrated advanced features are something that adds value! Mentioned below are some of the popular features pre-integrated into this app.

  • Video calling option with the taxi/delivery driver
  • In-app wallet integration
  • Login with Face ID and Fingerprint
  • Multiple credit card management
  • Mobile money
  • In-app ad integrations

Test the Gojek Clone Demo

It is important that you test the demo because the Gojek Clone app only then will you be able to test the app’s quality, its workflow, and jot down your customization needs.

So if you have already decided to launch an on-demand multi-service app, find a perfect white-labeling firm and ask them for access to the Gojek Clone demo app. Take your time and thoroughly test the app until you feel it’s best for your business plan.

In Conclusion

On the whole, launching a Gojek Clone app will help your customers to get everything they need from a single platform. Therefore, you can leverage this business opportunity to not only capture a bigger market but also make more money.

It is time for you to conquer the on-demand industry with this feature-rich app!